Harson University offers academic opportunities to anyone who shows the interest, desire, and ability to pursue advanced study. Depending on the program to which you wish to apply, the requirements will vary:

Admission requirements for Bachelor’s degrees

Admission requirements for Master’s degrees

Harson University offers the following programs: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management, Master of Business Administration, Master of Digital Marketing, and Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

For the Bachelor’s degree you will need 120 credits and for our Masters between 30 and 45 credits, depending on the program.

Harson University offers only classes 100% online and in Spanish.

Yes, the Commission for Independent Education (CIE) granted the educational license to Harson University to offer undergraduate and graduate programs in Florida. Please see the following link: https://web02.fldoe.org/CIE/SearchSchools/SchoolSearchDetail.aspx?schoolID=12502.